Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crackled pork belly and homemade apple sauce

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Continuing with the update, my next recipe dates from the 4th September 2012, day when my parents would have completed their 64th Wedding Anniversary, if my dad hadn't passed away in March this year.

We invited over Dave Holland, our friend and pianist.

I cooked Jamie's pork belly, again from our local butchers, Halls, with lots of onions and Scrumpy. I also made Jamie's home made apple sauce to go with it and potato mash.

Pork belly cooked really slowly for long hours in the over (3h 1/2 to be more precise) till it really melted in your mouth. Though pork belly can be really fatty, this one was very lean, so be sure to get a good piece from your butchers.

I have realised that many people buy their meat at the supermarket thinking it is going to be much cheaper but you would be very surprised to see that the difference in price is extremely small (£1 per kilo!) and the quality is much more superior. Some times it is even cheaper to buy at the butchers and we are also supporting local businesses which is very important as supermarkets tend to crush all small local business and making the world a very boring place, where all high streets tend to be cloned. I am lucky to live in Totnes, where we still have heaps of independent shops.

Here are the pictures and no more delay:

 Chopped onions 

Spice and herbs marinade 

Ready to go in the oven all covered up in spices and olive oil on a bed of onions

Apples cooking 

After many hours, the final result in a lovely creamy and mustardy sauce

As I said, I served it with mash potatoes, cream and chives.

There is absolutely no excuse for buying ready made apple sauce as it takes minutes to make and you can't compare the flavour.

The whole piece of belly went, it was meant for 4 people but we all had seconds.

Pork belly is relatively cheap (about £5 serves 4 people and that is about this size piece we had, 1 kg) and extremely tasty. Iy might not be what we call a noble piece of pork but do not despise it as it does taste delicious when well cooked and well seasoned.

I hope to see you shortly for more updates on my recipes.


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