Saturday, 25 August 2012

Toad in the Hole and Joyful trifle


Last Thursday I had not 2 but 6 guests. My mother in law (her name is Heather), Andrew and Angela and their son Tim and grandchildren Tom and Luiza.

I cooked as my mother in law requested a toad in a hole with onion, cider and honey gravy and a joyful trifle, with raspberries from Heather's garden and mandarine segments.

Making a trifle was one of the things I had the most fun putting together, ever in my life. Of course, I should have made it in advance to have the jelly really set, but as I didn't it was slightly crumbling but everybody loved it and again, not a crumb of anything leftover.

My mother in law said it was the best ever toad in the hole and my friend said it was the best ever trifle so I am pleased!

I put loads of mandarine liqueur instead of Cointreau in the trifle and it made it really tasty.

I put some sausages in the toad in the hole and some out, because Jamie doesn't put any sausage in the batter and how can we have a toad in the hole without the toad?

I also raised more good money for the Romanian charity which I am pleased about.

Good things happening all round for trying to come out of myself and do things for other people. It makes me really happy when I can see people enjoying themselves and with a great big smile on their faces. I might go out to Romania and actually visit the charity and get to know the girls I am helping with my cooking and Jamie's recipes.

Again, here we have some pictures, taken with my iphone:

Onion gravy, thickening

Boiled potatoes and carrots

Beautiful toad in the hole

Sausages and onion gravy

Onion gravy all ready to go

The joy of a joyful trifle

Luiza and Tom

Andrew and David

Heather and Andrew

Tim and Luiza

Tom and Angela

Tim, Luiza, Tom and Angela

Tim, Luiza and Tom

Me pulling some face

Me and Heather

Heather leaking the trifle bowl up!

RECIPES 16, 17

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