Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mighty Mulligatawny

Hello bloggers

I am finally getting up to date with my recipes, hurray!!

Yesterday I made a mighty Mulligatawny. For those who don't know, Mulligatawny is a rich flavoured soup, spiced with curry powder. For me it was much more like a Spanish cocido.

I started by cooking the minced meat and adding chopped red onion, coriander, sliced garlic, chilli peppers, red peppers, carrots and seasoning to it.

The sauces added were curry paste (I bought a medium strength one but I guess it is up to you!), HP sauce and tomato puree, all cooked in a broth, it was supposed to have been meat but I put a vegetable one.

Butternut squash is cooked with the rice, garam masala and thyme. Squash is very tasty and you could eat rice and squash with nothing else, it is so delicious.

I doubled the quantity of meat in the recipe and I thought it was maybe better, it depends if you are a meat eater!

We still have left overs for today. A hearty meal, really good for the coming Autumn, spice, rich and lovely. Not at all difficult to make and not too long, about one hour. It feeds well 4 people.

Here are the pictures:

Colourful chopped vegetables

Beautiful squash, quite hard to chop though!

Minced meat frying

Adding vegetables to cook for 10 minutes

 Isn't it gorgeous?

Added the vegetable stock

Cooking squash 

You can even see the steam in the picture, squash slowly softening in olive oil

Rice and water added to the squash

Rice all cooked up

The result of cooked meat and vegetables in the sauce

Dished up with a drizzle of fresh natural yoghurt and chopped chillies

I hope you enjoyed another recipe. Any questions do not hesitate to ask. You can find all those lovely recipes in Jamie Oliver's Great Britain, a tribute to British cuisine.

See you all soon,