Thursday, 8 November 2012

Patisserie & Confiserie lesson 7: Leek quiche and Bakewell tart


Sorry I have been so long but I was in New York in the middle of the hurricane. No joke, it is true, stuck in a hotel room for 2 days and with no transport another day. A shame really, only 2 good half days of 5, oh well, at least we came back safe and sound.

Today it was the 7th lesson of my pastry course. I was not so concentrated today, I even burnt myself quite badly. I still managed to bake a quiche and a Bakewell tart all by myself. As I am tired of a busy day, I will post the pictures straight away:

 Chopped leeks

Leeks in the pan

Quiche pastry

In the tin, ready to be blind baked

Quiche in the tin ready to be baked

Bakewell pastry

Leeks in cream and eggs

David Galpin decorating Bakewell and pear tart

Bakewell pastry in the tin!

Traditional Bakewell being made by David

Quiche base all cooked

Bakewell pastry lined with jam

Bakewell decorated and ready to bake

Ready leek quiche

Bakewell tart awaiting glazing

Glazed with jam

Some of our tarts (the quiche is mine!)

Bye, bye quiche, I couldn't keep you!!! I 

Today we could buy some of it, so I took home half my Bakewell tart and half of somebody's quiche, I don't know who! My mother in law was well chuffed with the dessert and some quiche for her lunch tomorrow! I thought the tart was ok, it would have been better with homemade jam instead of ordinary ready made jam, but overall I liked the flavours.

I am going to watch Jamie 15 minutes meals and off to bed. I have a charity dinner tomorrow and lots of cooking. I am going to inaugurate my Kitchen Aid!!! I forgot to tell you I just bought one. Well chuffed.

Good night,


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