Thursday, 20 September 2012

Patisserie and Confiserie course lesson 1: tarts


Today I started a new course: patisserie and confiserie at South Devon College.

We learnt today to make blind pastry and chocolate and fruit tarts.

The best pastries turned into chocolate tarts as they have to be thick, even and with no holes (mine was one of them) and the others turned into fruit tarts.

My tart stayed in the college, unfortunately and it was not possible to take a picture as it was setting before being decorated, but the fruit tart I made with my partner and colleague is here.

I think I also took a picture of the pastry.

Here they are:

My beautiful pastry ready to be filled with chocolate

The chocolate tart we all ate (last piece)

Our fruit tart (fully decorated)

Every week I will keep you posted!

See you soon,


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