Friday, 16 November 2012

Patisserie and Confiserie Lesson 8: More choux buns and scones

Hello dear bloggers,

Yesterday it was my 8th lesson at the College. Doesn't time fly by?

I nearly didn't go as I was feeling very poorly but the effort was well worth it. We practiced choux buns again with coffee creme patissiere and we made some scones. I find scones really easy to bake and no secret like but I had never made savoury scones before and I made some cheese and olives scones. Great!!!

First choux buns. There are going to be part of our exam in 2 weeks time.

Same old method: Boil the liquids, stir in the flour and cook beating vigorously and then, when cooled, add the eggs one by one and beat again.

Some pictures:

Choux pastry ready to be piped

Coffee creme patissiere


Not too bad, I hope

These are the teacher's piping skills on practice. How can he do it????

Those are so even!

My 4 select ones for presentation

Filled with creme patisserie and covered in icing sugar

On the tray ready to serve

Do you think those would pass the test? I hope so.

Now for the cheese scones.

We rub in the butter in the flour, add cheese and olives and then add liquids and shape them.

Brush with egg wash and top it with sprinkled grated parmesan. That's all!!!

Photos will come:

Scones shaped and ready to bake



My little plate ready to be taken home...delicious!!!

There we are, another lesson gone, I hope you are enjoying seeing all this delicious food being made.

See you soon,


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