Thursday, 27 September 2012

Patisserie and Confiserie course Lesson 2: cakes

Hello all,

I am writing today while everything is fresh in my mind.

In the lesson today we had Victoria Sponge, Madeira Cake, Madeleines, Lemon drizzle cake and fruit cakes.

We had to make a Victoria sponge from scratch without any help from machines. It was an incredibly hard work to do, beating that cake by hand, it sure replaces a good workout at the gym!

The atmosphere in the class is very good, everyone works hard at it, there is a lot of cooperation and very little competition and I hope it will keep because too many cooks can spoil the broth. If people start to go funny and competitive it will spoil the cooperative spirit we have got so far.

I enjoy those lessons immensely and the teacher is extremely competent and courteous.

Here are the pictures we have today:

Hard at work with the pastry

Our beautiful Victoria sponge 4 hands made

 South Devon College Pastry Kitchen

Maggie and I

 Our Victoria sponge baked

Victoria sponges and madeira cakes

Our Victoria Sponge

Our teacher David Galpin hard at work

Fruit cakes

Madeleines and Madeira cakes

My colleague Paige hard at work 

Cakes, cakes and more cakes

 The class working at Madeleines

Cutting cherries in half

Decorating Madeleines

 Look at these beauties....yummy!

Fruit cakes

Victoria sponge filled in with jam and cream

Stuffing ourselves with madeleines

Well, this was the end of our lovely class. We had a try on the madeleines and fruit cakes and It was superb, the best ever butter icing I have ever tasted.

Please keep posted to learn more about our pastry classes.

See you soon,


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