Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sizzling lamb lollipops, sweet little dips and toasted crunchy nuts


Yesterday's meal was another success, sizzling lamb lollipops with lots of different dips.

We invited a couple of good friends and neighbours,  Julius and Dave,

I started the cooking by making the marinade to spread over the lamb chops.

After that came the dips, a cucumber, yoghourt and mint, a tomato and chili with herbs and feta cheese and a crushed nuts one with almonds, pistachios and sesame seeds. I also added some sundried tomatoes and some extra portion of feta cheese with oregano and olive oil.

I served the dish with slices of pain de campagne, very rustic and full of texture.

I absolutely adore those recipes, each one of them is so full of character, texture and flavours and at the end of all of them we fell satisfied, not over full, but we have the feeling of contentment.

Thank you again Jamie!!

Here are the pictures:

The marinade made with lots of spices, fresh chili and olive oil

Chops in marinade waiting to be cooked

Cucumber, fresh yoghourt and mint dip

Second dip with tomatoes, chili, herbs and feta cheese

Lamb chops, crispy and golden

Our guests with my husband David

Today I have a little spa party and I am cooking mushroom soup to everybody. I need a little simple dinner as I have been eating rather a lot :-)

See you tomorrow,



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