Wednesday, 22 August 2012

White Pepper Skate (on a bed of fresh minted peas) and Jamie's nan St Clement's cake


Another cooking day for me with 2 new recipes.

My husband and I went to the fish shop in Paignton and we bought 1,7 kg of rake fish, freshly caught in Brixham.

I rarely cook fish, not to say never, and this recipe was slightly daunting for me as I had to de-bone the fish with a knife and a piece of wood as described in Jamie Oliver's website.

The rest of it was pretty simple, coat the fish in pepper and fennel seeds, roll it in egg and flour and fry it in butter and olive oil. Lay a bed of frozen peas, spring onions and fresh mint leaves and voila, a delicious meals, one of my husband's top three dishes according to himself.

I must say, cooking time for this recipe is impeccable, as I am quite inexperienced I followed it to the letter and the fish was cooked throughout and very moist and tender.

We invited our friend Sharon over for dinner and it was a lovely evening, she got us lucky beers, with bottles shaped like Buddha, so much for our spiritual growth.

For dessert I baked a St Clement's cake, probably one of my favourite cakes ever, quite simple but deliciously moist and fluffy. I still have plenty of it left for a cup of tea later on this afternoon.

Here are the pictures for the curious:

Delicately frying spring onions in oil and butter

Beaten egg and flour to coat

Frying the fish

Dished out, skate on a bed of minty peas

Sharon and David

Our plates, ready to be eaten

St Clement's cake

Big chunky slices...Yummy!

RECIPES 14, 15

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