Thursday, 11 October 2012

Patisserie & Confiserie lesson 4: creme brûlée


I am shattered! What an intense course it was today. We learnt creme brûlées, creme caramel and cheese cake.

It was a slightly confusing class, at first we were moved from one classroom to another and then we only had 15 minutes theory class and apparently next week we won't have theory at all. It is not the teacher's fault, as always all those meetings and inspections that make a tutor's life very complicated.

We started weighing all the ingredients without the teacher and that has left some room for mistakes, especially they forgot one portion for the creme brûlée and Maggie and I had to weigh everything before getting started. Another annoying thing is, before we start cooking we have to re-wash all pots and pans that have been badly washed.

Anyway, I think I might slip a word to the teacher as we are paying for the course not to spend time washing things twice.

I learnt a lot today, David is a good teacher and a good, competent chef, I tasted the best creme brûlée and the best cheesecake of all time, smooth and light.

Many tips as always, many how to's, I feel I am learning many skills I have never been taught before. I learnt to lean paper at the bottom of the tray not to get caramels and creme brûlées burnt, I learnt how to use a blow torch, the various textures of caramel, how to flatten a cheesecake base, etc, etc, etc.

Here are some of the pictures:

Class at work

Sugar and water for caramel

Tins for caramel

Caramels ready to go in the oven

Cheesecake base

Cheesecake ready

Creme Brûlée ready

After being caramelised with blow torch and icing sugar

Cheesecake being decorated

Caramel being decorated

The result

Hope you are enjoying the posts.

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