Monday, 15 October 2012

Blog readers

Hello my readers,

How are you?

Sometimes I go to my blog's overview page and I can see some hits, most in the UK, USA, some in Brazil, a few in Australia, Spain, Germany and Argentina.

I wonder who you are, who is taking time to view my blog, who is interested in the recipes, in the Charity.. I heard the charity is really struggling as funding from the USA has been dramatically reduced and funding from the UK only represents 10% of their needs.

Whoever you are, please, if you can't donate any money, try and spread the word to your friends, to your Facebook list, to your mailing list, to whoever you can. We all need your help to keep the charity going. Unlike the UK, there is no social help in Romania, there is a lot of unemployment and minimum wage is very low. If hope is taken away from these girls they will be left with very little choice in life.

Thank you all so much for reading, participating, sharing and helping out. I know there are many charities that are chugglers (charity smugglers) trying to take advantage on the public and deviating the money. I was very reluctant to donate to charity because of that and, unless I knew for certain that the money was in safe hands I wouldn't donate anything. I am certain this is an honest charity and your contributions will be in safe hands.

It only takes one person to change the world, if you only believe.

Best wishes to you all,


A picture of some of the rescued girls you will be helping


  1. I'm loving your blog, sooo mouth watering :D
    And what a noble attitude! I really want to visit you and help those girls!

  2. Thank you Rebeca, you can donate through the blog via a link and pay throigh Paypal if you wish to contribute. Otherwise, you are welcome to come :-)