Saturday, 28 July 2012

Shopping list

Hello everyone,

Another sunny day in Devon, all week we had the most amazing weather, It makes you feel so alive!

Today we are all having a barbecue at my mother in law's house. She lives in a small holding, there are fruit, vegetables, ducks, chicken, pigs, flowers and a superb view over the bay.

In a sunny day like that we can see the sea from a distance. It is gorgeous.

I have now to make my mind up about the recipes for next week.

I have Jamie's book in hands and I am going to choose the menus.

It is so hard to choose!!! I am looking through and all seems so delicious, I don't know where to start! As you can notice I am not much of a planner, I might decide as I go and shop daily. BestHeave move I guess.

Heavenly salmon salad
Creamed mushroom soup
Sizzling lamb lollypops
Baked creamed spinach
Citrus cheesecake possets

This is my first selection of things popping out to my eyes.

Good gastronomic experience everyone.

Have a lovely weekend!


My mother in law's farm

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