Friday, 27 July 2012


A summer garden.

I have lived all my life in flats. I had a remote dream that one day I would live in a house. Since I got married, I moved in a house. It is a small town house and it dates from the 18th Century (1711 to be precise). It used to be part of a farm, probably a barn and my husband told me It has been several things since, barn, slaughter house, stable and before us a music studio. Do you believe in coincidences? I am a pianist, singer, I play the harpsichord. When I first came to this house I joked with my husband when visiting the living room. There was a large spot and I pointed at it and said: what a perfect spot for a harpsichord! He then said: 'well, there was a harpsichord just there where you are pointing, this house was a music studio before and the lady was a harpsichord player.' One day I was advertising my lessons in a website and when I typed the post code in, an advert for piano, harpsichord, singing lessons in my address under another name just appears. How weird!!!

Well, what I wanted to say was, I have to do a bit of gardening, which is not something I really know how to do, even though my grandfather (who I never met before he died before I was born) was a gardener. I attempt every now and again because I do enjoy being surrounded by flowers.

Here is the result of 3 days of it. I painted the pots myself.



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